April 19, 2011 17:33

96-wells and 1536-wells platesPRIMACEN is equipped with a Applied Biosystem QuantStudio 12K Flex platform which can process 384 samples in a final reaction volume of 5.0 microliters in less than 1 hour. The Applied Biosystem QuantStudio 12K Flex was selected for its flexibility, sensibility and reproducibility. In collaboration with a team of Inserm Unit1239, PRIMACEN now develops thematic PCR panels targeting specific pathways to meet the needs of its customers. Each panel contains an array of primers targeting 84 genes of interest, 7 housekeeping genes and 5 internal controls. Each primer set has been designed by our experts and validated for specificity and efficiency. Although several formats are available, our panels, have initially been developed to analyze 4 cDNA samples simultaneously (384 plates). We are the ideal partner for biotechnical and pharmaceutical companies to develop new qPCR panels. Our process incorporates standardized methods for high quality reproductible results. For any information, please contact us.