April 19, 2011 17:17, Last update: July 15, 2022 09:59

Primers design

Please see Primers design.


Primers validation

Each couple of primers is validated by our team.

Gene Arrays

Gene arrays

For the moment, panels are available for:

  • Cell cyle (rat)
  • PACAP regulated genes (rat)
  • Oxydative stress (rat and mouse)
  • Apoptosis (Rat)
  • Angiogenesis (mouse)
  • Inflammation  (mouse)
  • Stroke (mouse)

Gene array example

Here is how genes of an array are distributed over a 96-well plate:

96 wells plate

qPCR data normalization

It is now clearly established that there is no ubiquitous reference gene and the majority of the reference genes currently used are usually strongly expressed. Thus, to avoid biases that can ultimately lead to wrong data interpretation, we have included in our panels 7 reference genes. It is thus possible to normalize against multiples reference genes and to determine, using algorithms such as GeNorm, Norm finder and Bestkeeper, a set of genes with minimal variance. As the panel contains 91 genes, it is also possible to conduct quantile normalization.

Gene Pathways


Source: WikiPathways