Services and Prices

April 20, 2011 14:39, Last update: August 21, 2012 16:16

The cost for a run on the Light Cycler 1536 is 775 € excluding taxes. This price includes the plate, the master mix, the deposit of the samples by one of our technician with the Agilent Bravo pipetting device and some bioinformatics support for the data analysis.

Customers can provide their own set of primers in 96 well formats, order primer sets from their usual supplier or connect on the RealTime ready Configurator of the Roche Applied Science web site to set up a panel of interest.

Customers can also order one of our predesign panels.

The price of our panels for a 1536 well plate is 275 € excluding taxes. The cost of a run with one of our panel is 1,050 € (= 68 cent / PCR point).

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